Each church has a personality that is shaped by the core convictions it holds. Since our church has begun these convictions have shaped who we are and how we minister.

Gospel Centrality

Gospel Centrality is the belief that the message of the Gospel is more than the entry door into the Christian faith, but that the Gospel is the foundation for salvation, at the root of all authentic life change, and is the means by which we will receive an enteral inheritance. Many Christians are versed in the Gospel as a means of doctrine but practically operate each day according to legalism or license in the way they approach God, others, and even themselves. Gospel centered ministry is saturated in a grace that redeems, a grace that transforms, and is marked by an ever-growing understanding and appreciation for what the believer has in Christ.

Expositional Preaching

Each passage of scripture has intended meaning. The goal of expositional preaching is to discover, explain, illustrate and apply this intended meaning. In expositional preaching the text produces the sermon versus the sermon producing the text. Along with a commitment to expositional preaching we predominantly walk through books of the bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

Scripture is sufficient, not just inerrant

It is possible for an individual or a church to believe in the inerrancy of the Bible yet not rely on it to be sufficient for daily life practice and ministry. At Gathering Church we aspire to hold to the scriptures as sufficient for reaching the lost, growing the saved, and building the church.

church health over church size

Our primary desire is to measure ministry success by church health and not church size. We do believe healthy churches typically grow however not all growing churches are healthy.

Biblical Fidelity and Spirit Dependency

We desire to faithfully and diligently apply the scriptures in all areas of theology, faith, and practice. We also desire to recognize our daily dependency on the Spirit of God to guide and empower the work of the beleiver and the Church.

Elder led plurality

The Gathering is Jesus’ church. The Bible teaches He is the ultimate Shepherd of the Church Universal, and its local expressions. It also teaches God’s design to place a plurality of called, capable Pastors to oversee His local churches. These Pastors share equality and jointly labor together to faithfully shepherd matters pertaining to the whole of the church. Amongst this plurality is a lead Pastor, who will take a leading role. The Lead Pastor is often spoken of as a first amongst equals, likened to James in the Jerusalem church. Elders may be vocational edlers or lay elders. Our eldership consists of men who are called to shepherd and who meet the requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Meaningful Membership

As Gathering Church grows numerically we are growing in the knowledge of how important a meaningful membership is in shepherding the church effectively. We continue to add to and refine our membership process with this goal in mind.

Come now and let us reason together. Isaiah 1:18