It is impossible to walk with Christ alone. God has designed us to need community. Not only do we need community with Him, but we also need healthy community with other people who are seeking to grow in Him. That’s where Gathering Groups come in.

A Gathering Group is not a collection of perfect people who have life figured out. It is for those of us who still need to grow, who need a place to ask questions, and who need others to help us when we falter. It is a great place to learn together what it means to follow Christ, to study the Scriptures, to love our neighbors, to care for the oppressed, and to build lasting relationships.

Currently we have 9 groups in the Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas. Groups take periodic breaks or nights off, so please contact a leader by email or phone before arriving.

Paquito Bayou

Wednesday @6:00pm
46 Marlborough Road

Henry & Herb Skojac: (850-322-8974)

*Dinner @ 5:30, study @ 6


Men's Evening Group

Wednesday @6:00pm
Call for location

Eric Weinfurter: (813-758-0931)

Tim Brace: (850-842-8799)


Men's Early Bird

Monday @6:15am
Main Brew Coffee 661 Beal Parkway, 661 Beal Parkway, FWB

Ryan Burgess: (713-302-1499)

Fort Walton Beach

Tuesdays @5:30pm
Church Facility

Andrew Lanier: (850-830-1190) andrewlanierarts@gmail
Casey Zimmerman: (717-324-8984)

*Childcare provided


Mondays @7:00pm
Call for Location

Gabby Carol: (937-402-6893)
Terrel Hannah:

*Dinner @6:30, study @7

*No Childcare, but children welcome

North Shalimar

Mondays @6:30pm
Call For Location

 Chris Hernandez: (937-901-5307) 


Potluck @6:30, Group @7


Tuesdays @6:15pm
739 Starfish Ave., FWB
Tamara Copes: 210-748-8255 or

Grant Taylor: (801-541-7772)

*Dinner @6:15, study @7


Sundays @5:30pm
9866 Park Lake Cir, Navarre

Justyn: (850-374-2986)

Ladonna: (817-793-7801)

Green Acres

Tuesday @6:30pm
1702 Conservation Trail #105, FWB

Bobby Uebelacker:

Michael & Katie Goolsby:

*Potluck dinner 6:30pm, study 7pm

Kenwood Group

Wednesdays @6:30pm
649 Powell Dr, FWB
Dewey Johnson: (773-301-6479)

*Mixed group of older and younger believers.

Women's Group

Tuesday @6:30pm
Call For Location



Uptown Station Group

Thursdays @6pm
Church Facility

Dan: (910-987-3479) 

Stephanie: (850-207-1604)
*Childcare Provided


Sunday @3:45pm
220 Cloverdale Blvd #C, FWB

Shelagh & Patrick Tatum:

*Childcare Provided

Women's Group

Tuesday @6:30pm
Call For Location