Per James Hamaker- here is the list in relative priority order. If we can’t get the equipment necessary or the manpower for everything, we can take care of the more important things first. Feel free to add to this and rearrange the order.

Vacuum all carpet
Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
Clean out refrigerators
Wipe down/clean all nursery toys
Wash windows/outside doors
Reorganize back storage room
If anyone who shows up has some A/C experience, it wouldn’t hurt to get an initial look at the air conditioner vents and intake to see if it looks like there’s any clogs.

Equipment Needed:
Vacuum cleaners (2-3)
Toilet Brushes (1-2)
Mop and bucket (1-2)
Paper towels
Window cleaning set (bucket, rags, squeegie or shammy towels)
All purpose cleaners (409, pine sol, etc)

With 8-10 people, this should take about 2 hours. With 12-15 people we can be done in less than an hour and a half. The more the merrier!