Ryan & Sam, Ezekiel sent this in an email with some other info. Thought you would enjoy reading it.

TESTIMONIES per Pastor Ezekiel Mwita of Gentle Shepherd Orphanage and Church

I am still receiving several testimonies from different leaders who attended the conference. Let me start with a lady called Anastanzia from Musoma Tanzania who is the Youth leader in one of the Pentecostal churches in Musoma Town.She received her deliverance at the conference after Brandon had tought about generational curses, how someone can be possessed by demons from another person like an aunt grand mom or papa, the lady has been given those spirits by her grandmamma through inheritance, the grandmamma died and left those demons tormenting Anastanzia day and night despite the fact that she was a leader in a church. the demons use to tell her that they must kill her unless she comply to work for them, she could always converse, fall down confused foam coming out of her mouth, she use to feel someone squeezing her throat badly and painfully, the mouth become dry and she lost memory only seeing naked people, blood and knives(suicidal spirit) Their parents are very happy and were excited to see their daughter set free after going to Kenya for a conference, more other three ladies were set free after pastor Baraka preached on power and Holy Spirit. The families are happy no more torment.

Pastor Zipporah from Kisii too received a miracle for her son who was taken to Kisii General hospital while the moma was in the conference, the relative called her asking her to leave the meeting and go back home because the son was seriously sick, she remembered what you (Brandon)tought about prayer and power and she requested us to pray for her son who received instant healing and Zipporah never went home until the conference was over! She called me yesterday saying his husband is so excited about what God did to their son and he will always allow her to attend the conference.

Pastor Lizz Omondi from Kisumu is now experiencing peace and joy in her heart like never before and she use to be despised so much with his husband but this time things seems to have taken a different dimension-the husband is completely changed (transformed) he never behave as he use to do.Lizz says she will too attend women conference. also she says God spoke to her and she now what she is suppose to do in ministry-no more quessing,she now know her office(call) in the ministry.

Bishop David Mairo from Komotobo who is the director General of Maranatha assembly says he learnt a lot from Brandon about humility and kindness, he says he has attended many conferences in his life but this one was a different one! He says he has been in the ministry for more than 45 years but he has never felt so humble and set free during the conference. he says all the pride in him is gone, and he remember how you taught him about measuring pride! How someone can know the graph of pride in him is high! Or he is far from God.

Mama Emmanuel a women’s leader in one of the churches in Kehancha received instant healing from tumor in her womb and abdominal pain which use to disturb her for many years disappeared immediately as you were teaching.

I will share with you more testimonies as they keep coming-there is a pastor called Samwel Ochieng who said he has a very powerful testimony to share and he will email me, also another one called pastor odhiambo from Migori said he is coming next week to share with me what God did to his life during the conference.

We have been also praying with the kids and all the workers at home and the kids have been sleeping cool without any screaming, without seeing any demons since last time when it happened. They are safe in the BLOOD of JESUS-No funny dreams! A pastor called Barnabbas Mwita called me on Monday morning at around 3:45 am before you left for Nairobi and told me to alert our kids and other pastors to pray for protection because the devil was so upset by what God did in at the conference. I think I shared with you about this.


Dear Men of God,

Me and my wife are very grateful for all that happened for the conference of last week.We arrived home nicely and we praise God for we are not the same again.Thank you so much for inviting us,giving us a nice accommodation,bus fare and even food for all those days we were there.We have attended many conferences here in Kenya but International Living Streams is very different! full of power,focused,and no segregation,you take all people equal-all of us felt special.You kept on picking visitors even in the middle of the night showing them where to go and sleep,brother that is not an easy task but I thank God for the grace and favor upon your life and your spiritual father Brandon.I just want to encourage you to keep that heart of your mentor pastor Brandon and his wife,you see they are very humble servants and you share a lot in common.we will keep in touch and praying for you and the whole living streams team.me and my wife I do ministry in maasai land kilgoris and Narok,next year I will come with a lot of my maasai team and I will also send my wife and other women in the womens conference in april.lets keep praying.Tell Brandon and his wife that I never knew that I am also an intercessor and a priest,many times i use to think that we have others who are sappose to pray but not us even though i am in leadership.he really opened my spiritual eyes and I will teach others also to know they are prayer warriors too.you guys are very humble and we learnt a lot from you.we saw Jesus in a new level.my wife said she has never eaten mandazi for breakfast in any big meeting like the one we had-she told me it is a very hard task to cook mandazi for such huge number therefore we salute your kitchen guys too tell them we were glad by their hard work and giving us food in time.Tell pastor Ryan we are not going to preach without preparing a gain.no guessing scripture again!

let me finish by saying may God be with you as you keep bringing together different leaders from different denominations which of course is not an easy thing in Africa.We love you and we will keep communicating.

yours sincerely,

Rev. Robert ole kuonyo.


Thanks so much,